As part of the Arts, Music is part of our Curriculum Drivers at Kings Avenue School.  As such, we are committed to providing opportunities for our children to explore and develop all of their creative talents, and encourage this through our Music curriculum and the range of extra-curricular activities that we provide for the children.

We are very lucky to have two specialist music teachers working at Kings Avenue, who teach weekly music lessons to all of the children across the school.  The content of these lessons is sometimes linked to the Thematic learning of the classes, and is sometimes discrete.  More information about what is taught in each of the year groups can be found in the Curriculum maps below.

Further to what is taught in lessons, we also have a wide range of extra-curricular music clubs for our children to choose from, including ukulele and percussion clubs.  Our choir are given regular opportunities to perform to real audiences in either local or national competitions.  The children who attend the other music clubs are also given opportunities to share their talents with the rest of the school community through performances in assemblies.  We also have weekly singing assemblies, delivered by one of the specialist teachers, where singing skills are taught explicitly.