Our Thematic Curriculum, which comprises History, Geography, Art and Design, Design Technology and Digital Literacy, is one of the areas of curriculum development which we are really excited about.  The children will acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills of the Humanities and Arts subjects in the context of an overarching theme which will run for a whole term, allowing the pupils to become totally immersed within their learning.

Although all of the work within these themes will be contextualised, we have also been meticulous to ensure that the subject-specific skills and disciplines of each of the subject areas involved are taught rigorously.  We want our children to be clear, for example, about what studying History is and what the skills required to become a successful Historian are.  More information about the coverage of content and skills within each theme for History and Geography can be found in the Humanities Curriculum Maps below, and for Art and Design and Design Technology in the separate areas for these subjects.

Our curriculum plans show clearly what content will be covered within each of these themes, and what outcomes the children will produce from their learning.  Each theme is planned to begin with a unique experience for the children, which captures their interest and raises questions in their minds.  Their learning then builds towards eventually presenting it to a real audience; we hold termly Curriculum Evenings for parents/carers where our children exhibit what they have covered in a wide range of ways.

At every available opportunity, we aim to enrich the thematic learning with educational visits, workshops, guest speakers and other activities.  Details of these can be found on the curriculum plans. We also ensure that our Curriculum Drivers are promoted through the thematic learning; details of how these will be contextualised within learning are shown on the planning.

We have decided to have a central theme for each term which will run through the whole school.  These themes will be:

  • Autumn Term – Famous Historical Figures.
  • Spring Term – Our London.
  • Summer Term – Our World.

Whilst these central themes will run across the school, children in different years will learn about different periods of History or different aspects of Geography which relate to the overall themes.

Our curriculum plans for the Autumn and Spring terms, as well as maps for Humanities coverage, can be viewed using the links below.  Plans for the Summer term will be added throughout the year.  More information about developments in our curriculum can also be found in our weekly school newsletters, termly curriculum newsletters and on our Twitter feed (@kingsaveschool).