Pupil Premium


Kings Avenue School is committed to securing the best outcomes and improving the life chances for each of our children irrespective of their background. We are proactive in ensuring that all children have access to learning and experiences that are tailored to meet their individual needs and to take them beyond what might be expected of them.

Our vision that We will make Kings Avenue the first choice school for all the families in our community’ was established because we believe that by providing an excellent education for local children we can close the gap in learning and success for our vulnerable and under-performing groups and create a culture of high achievement and success for every child.

‘Kings Avenue looks forward to the future with confidence and will enthusiastically prepare children to make good choices as they face the challenges of a rapidly changing world. Our school community will embrace change and be passionate about life- long learning for all.

We value and proudly celebrate the diversity of our school community and will nurture the well being, self confidence, sense of responsibility and self esteem of all, within a safe and happy learning environment.

We will hold to the values we share, providing guidance, help and support to realise our vision with integrity, honesty, professionalism and commitment as part of a team. We will communicate clearly the vision and values of the school throughout our community.

We will all expect the best, achieve the best and celebrate the successes of all.’


  • To ensure that appropriate provision is made to ‘close the learning and achievement gaps’ for all children who belong to vulnerable groups including those on Free School Meals, those eligible for Pupil Premium, those that the school has assessed as socially or educationally in need and disadvantaged, and those without recall to public funds
  • To develop a broad range of teaching and learning opportunities that meet the varying needs and learning styles of our disadvantaged and vulnerable children, and that engage them in their education
  • To provide breakfast and an afternoon meal (within the settings of the breakfast club and the after school club) for some of our most vulnerable children who would otherwise start the day hungry or have insufficient to eat at the end of the day – this in turn will have an impact on their ability to learn
  • To enrich the lives of our disadvantaged and vulnerable children so that experiences that are enjoyed by children from more advantaged families – such as school journeys, educational visits, skills development in e.g. sport or music, and leadership opportunities across the breadth of curriculum areas – are accessible to them as well
  • To inspire our disadvantaged and vulnerable children to dream of a future beyond that which might otherwise be expected, and to raise their sights and self belief so that they are supported in reaching aspirational goals
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