PE and Sport Funding Report


Our Vision
We were delighted to hear the government was to provide additional funds to ensure access to high quality PE for all our children at Kings Avenue School.

For 2017-2018 the additional money allocated to Kings Avenue School is £19260

The P.E and Sport funding is an amount of money allocated to schools, over and above the normal school budget to improve physical education and sport. Head Teachers, with the oversight of Governing Bodies, are responsible for spending this funding with the sole purpose of promoting PE and Sport. The governors agree that the money must be used so that:

  • All children benefit regardless of sporting ability
  • That the most able children are given the opportunity to compete in advanced tournaments
  • That the staff have access to training opportunities and continued professional development

At Kings Avenue we aim to establish a sporting culture that enables and encourages all children to play and enjoy sport. We have a number of existing afterschool clubs that offer a variety of sporting opportunities, such as football, multisports and dance.

We aim to improve the quality of the school P.E programme by:

  • Employing a specialist sports coaching company for 4 days a week to teach the children
  • Increase the skill levels of staff in the delivery of quality P.E teaching to deliver lessons and support planning by attending Development courses
  • Buy exciting and stimulating P.E resources to facilitate the teaching of P.E
  • Seek to extend after school sports activities to compliment the range of existing opportunities for children from KS1 and KS2
  • Further develop a safe but active playground at play times
  • We will actively seek to arrange inter-school competitions for all children regardless of ability
  • Continue providing swimming lessons for year 3 and 4 children
  • Continue to provide bike ability training

For 2016-2017 the additional money allocated to Kings Avenue School was £9663

  • The majority of our funding last academic year was used to buy into S G Sports. The pupils have benefited by having access to high quality P.E provision throughout the year.
  • The purchase of new equipment has meant the PE curriculum has been broadened even further; having the correct equipment has meant quality of lessons have been able to improve with more skills being taught.
  • Time for the PE Subject Leader to devise new planning, assessment and tracking to prepare for the New National Curriculum 2014; A whole school innovative approach to teaching PE supported to ensure every child’s physical, social, mental, emotional and cognitive learning
  • Fees paid for entering and competing in the Lambeth Saturday Football League are of great experience for the children as well as helping them with their sportsmanship and teamwork. Money was also used to pay for a member of staff to accompany children to matches on Saturday. There has been a positive impact in class as children are more able to work as a team since becoming part of the football team.
  • Some of the KS2 children had horse riding lessons and feedback has shown that the children’s confidence, and self discipline has improved. This has continued into the classroom.
  • Weekly swimming lessons for Year 3 and 4 children has meant that they have had an opportunity to reach the level of swimming 25m by the end of year 4
  • Continue to provide bike ability training

Courses for continued professional development have meant that our staff have been able to provide football club and multisport after school and to also teach and mentor other members of staff.

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