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Email screen shots to 4B: lbarter@kingsavenue.lambeth.sch.uk 

3/4H: mhalder@kingsavenue.lambeth.sch.uk

- Monday- focus on was/were and is/are- checking you are using them correctly when writing a letter telling us what you have been doing (see powerpoint). See example given and use the Success Criteria to help you.
-Tuesday - focus on using prefixes and suffixes when describing your feelings about today’s news. Watch today’s newsround and reflect on it. Use the model and Success Criteria to help you.
-Wednesday- Watch this clip then write a description of what the world would be like if you ruled it. Use the model and Success Criteria to help you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJ7iTbhPiAE
- Thursday- focus on using paragraphs for cohesion and expressing opinion. Look at the statements on the Thursday powerpoint and think about them/ discuss them with someone in your house. Choose one to write an opinion about. ‘I agree/disagree because…’
- Friday- Use the powerpoint model and Success Criteria to create a Kennings poem.

- Each day, complete a lesson from the Active Reading PowerPoint. Remember the skills we need for each one then complete the task you have been set.
- Please also read every day to an adult, carer, sibling or yourself!
- Try to go on the Reading plus website at least 3 times a week. Remember your username and password, and the site code is rpKings8.

- Go through the PowerPoints and worksheets for each day. Follow the links to videos where you can. Remember to do your chanting and Arithmetic questions at the start of the PowerPoint!
-For Friday’s lesson, follow this link and complete Friday’s Maths challenge lesson for this week https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-4/.
-Follow these links to help you with your times tables.
- Do not worry if you find it tricky- just try your best!

This week, our foundation subject focus is RE. We are learning about Christianity and have 5 lessons to cover.

1. LO: To explore special places and how they make us feel.

2. LO: To understand why people go to Church (including Holy Communion) and how they might worship.

3. LO: To explore Jesus’ teachings about worship and how these affect Christians lives today.

4. LO: To investigate whether Christians need to go to Church to show that they are Christians.

5. LO: To explore how everybody has different special places.

See attached PowerPoints (RE lessons 1-5) with the information and tasks for each lesson of the week.

PE: Follow Joe Wicks on YouTube at least 3 times a week and remember to exercise daily!

We hope you are all well and keeping safe with your families.

Miss Barter and Mrs Halder 

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