Home Learning Week 1 - Guided Reading

Hello 3A!
I hope you are all well. I am missing you all.

For the Maths lesson every day you should practice your times tables, use the daily starter PowerPoint. This also has a key vocabulary and a help page to help you with your lesson.

Each maths lesson will come with a video clip for you to watch, questions, answers and a challenge. You can watch the video clip more than once if you are unsure of anything. Sometimes the video will ask you to pause it to complete some questions. You do not have to print off the sheet, you can record your answers on anything you have available e.g. paper, chalk board, whiteboard. When you have finished the questions, get an adult to check your answers from the answers provided.

Maths this week
4 times tables song – a rap song! Enjoy!

We will be learning fractions for a few weeks, this is the first week.
You can use different objects that you have at home to help you with fractions (e.g. socks, beads, blocks, toys…anything will help). Here is the video website just in case the link doesn’t work https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-3/ (Week 1, lessons 1 – 5)

For English you will have 2 parts: guided reading and an English lesson.
In guided reading there will be a text for the week for you to read. The questions each day will focus on a different reading skill, just like when you were in school. Sometimes there will be a range of questions each day for you to practice all the skills at the same time.

In the English lesson there will usually be a PowerPoint, film, image and range of questions to prompt and stimulate your work for the day. Use the success criteria to support your writing.

English this week
A space theme! Guided reading – a non-fiction text, Survival in Space.
The English lesson uses a film clip called The Way Back Home. Watch the film a couple of times before starting.

Let me know how you get on and send your work or an image of your work. You can email me at: jclarke@kingsavenue.lambeth.sch.uk

I look forward to hearing from you.

Ms. Clarke

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