Home Learning Week 1 - Science

Dear Parents and children,

Hope you are well and in keeping busy during this unusual time.
I have set the Science topic for this week and it is on plants and growing.

I have made sure that with each day there is a powerpoint that introduces the learning in that session.
● Each lesson has a worksheet to complete. I have added a text box so that the children can add their answers, as i’m sure a lot of you do not have printers.
● I have also included in each powerpoint resources lists which are videos or virtual experiments for your children to complete. They will help with the understanding and ensure they know exactly what they need to do.
● I have tried to make the experiments easy to do with things that might be in the home. If you are unable to complete the experiments use the videos to collect the data.
● When your child has completed the worksheet you can screenshot or write the answer in an email and send it to me at cmcdonald@kingsavenue.lambeth.sch.uk.
● I will not comment on each child's work each day, but will make a comment at the end of the week.
● If you are struggling or need an explanation of anything please do not hesitate to email.

Have lots of fun with the work and try to do a lesson each day. I expect all work to be completed by the end of the week.

Keep safe

Mrs McDonald

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