At Kings Avenue, we have adopted the Rising Stars ‘Switched-On Computing’ scheme of work to deliver the requirements of the new Computing curriculum. This scheme of work provides a range of challenging and engaging opportunities for our children to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding required to become successful, confident users of a range of technologies, who are fully equipped for the world they will grow up in. Using the scheme also allows us to ensure there is a clear progression in teaching and learning across the school.

Each year group studies six units of work across the academic year, with one drawn from each of the following areas:

  • Programming
  • Computational thinking
  • Creativity
  • Computer networks
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Productivity

The units of work each build towards a real outcome, where the children have the opportunity to apply the technical skills they have learnt in a real-life context. To prepare our oldest children for secondary school, the units of work for Year 6 are interlinked so that, throughout the year, the children work on one project to design, create, evaluate and then present their own mobile application. The scheme also builds in key learning about e-safety, which is fully integrated within units of work. More information on our school approach to e-safety can be found in the E-safety Policy.

The scheme of work also supports our Aspiration curriculum driver, as every unit is based around a particular area of work in technology-related fields, e.g. game design or digital photography. Through this, the children develop their understanding of the different career paths that technological learning can present for them, and become inspired to possibly become the innovators of the future. The delivery of the curriculum is supported by enrichment activities provided through our partnerships with the London CLC and other organisations.

Our Computing Curriculum is taught discretely, and more information can be found by following the link to the curriculum map.

Computing Curriculum Map

However, we also give our children the chance to use and apply their Computing skills in other subject areas wherever possible, so that their passion for technology is harnessed into productivity skills that will help them succeed in their lives and careers ahead.