Kings Avenue School Association (KASA) supports everyone at the school to do their best.  As parents, carers, staff and governors of the school, we want to enjoy meeting each other, work constructively together and to raise funds.

Our activities, events and meetings aim to:

  • support Kings Avenue Primary School
  • make more resources and opportunities available to our children
  • widen our children’s experiences and horizons
  • raise the standards and quality of our children’s education
  • set good examples of collaboration and co-operation for our children
  • be fun, enjoyable and friendly!

Who belongs to KASA?
All parents and carers of children at Kings Avenue Primary School, all teachers, staff and governors of the school are automatically members. Individuals in our community with an interest in Kings Avenue can also be invited to join.

Contact KASA by email here.

KASA Meetings
General meetings, open to all members, are held in the school at least once a term.

The dates of KASA General meetings in 2017 are:

    • 9 am 30th June (Main Hall)


KASA’s Committee Members:

Feriel Khellal


The committee meets regularly. Please contact any of the committee members with questions, comments or suggestions.

Click here to contact the committee by email.

Social Events Calendar
Our social events are open to all members. Please join in, get involved or just come along to enjoy yourselves.

Previous Events

Below are some photos from last year’s International Evening.

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