Religious Education

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At Kings Avenue, we are committed to promoting the diversity of our children and school community. Our approach to teaching Religious Education reflects this; the units of learning in our Scheme of Work are not specific to one religion only. They offer the children the opportunities to share their beliefs, ideas and experiences, whilst also learning about those of others and comparing and contrasting these with their own. We aim for our children to be confident and forthcoming about sharing their own beliefs, but also to develop tolerance for and understanding of the beliefs of others. More information about what is taught in each year group can be found in the Curriculum Map below.

Throughout the year, each class also presents at least one assembly about a particular religious festival, e.g. Diwali, Hanukah, Eid-Ul-Fitr, Chinese New Year, Easter etc. In these assemblies, the classes share their learning about the festivals with the school community, explaining some of the key beliefs, traditions and celebrations associated with the festival. Parents/carers are invited to attend, and can contribute to the assemblies with their children if they wish.

We also organise, alongside parents/carers, events for the whole school community to celebrate religious festivals. For example, events this year so far have included an Eid Party for staff, children and parents, and an International Evening, where food and cultural traditions from a wide range of countries around the world were shared. These events are a great chance for parents and children to share more about how their religious traditions with others. Details about upcoming celebrations for the remainder of the year can be found in our weekly Newsletter or on our school Twitter feed.

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