Our school has written its own bespoke scheme of work to meet the requirements of the programmes of study in the new National Curriculum for Science, which is being followed in all year groups. This scheme is written with the needs and interests of our children at its centre, and ensures that they gain a solid base of subject knowledge and understanding, whilst also learning the skills and disciplines required to become successful scientists.

Investigation, creative thinking and exploration are the values at the heart of our curriculum. Each unit of work builds towards an opportunity for the children to apply their scientific learning in a real life context or present their learning to a real audience. Wherever possible, we aim for our children to acquire their subject knowledge through enquiry and practical learning, meaning there are many opportunities for them to develop their skills of working scientifically.

Each year group studies six units of work per year, which ensures that there is breadth and balance to the curriculum coverage. We have been careful to ensure that the content of these units also contribute to promoting our Curriculum Drivers, which are central to our whole-school approach. A new initiative, the ‘Scientist of the Term’, has been introduced to promote Aspiration in Science careers; through this, our children learn about a range of famous scientists who have made contributions to advancing knowledge or understanding in different areas. We hope the children will be inspired to follow in their footsteps and perhaps pursue careers in scientific fields in their futures.

More information on the content of our scheme of work can be found using the appropriate links below. These are supplemented by a range of enrichment activities that we also provide, which include a Science Week, activities run in partnership with our local secondary schools and collaborative events run with our local Cluster group schools for Gifted Scientists. Information can also be found on the Kings Avenue Science Blog, which is updated regularly to show the exciting learning going on around the school.

Science Curriculum Map

Science Curriculum Plans For The Autumn Term

Science Curriculum Plans For The Spring Term

Science Curriculum Plans For The Summer Term