September 2014 saw the launch of the new National Curriculum for all Primary Schools.

At Kings Avenue School, we have embraced these changes whole-heartedly.  The new curriculum offers schools more freedom and creativity in how they deliver the content of the programmes of study; we have used this opportunity to devise a brand-new and innovative scheme of work which is tailor-made to the interests and needs of our pupils.

Our starting point for this process was our pupils.  We consulted with them about what they enjoyed about their learning and what changes they would like to see made.  Consulting with our pupils really inspired us to make our curriculum bespoke to our own school, to reflect what is unique and special about our community and children.

From this came our rationale, which is based on the principle of five Curriculum Drivers; these key messages and themes will be promoted throughout our curriculum.  Our Curriculum Drivers are:

  • Building Learning Power.
  • Oracy.
  • Basic Skills.

These drivers underpinned the curriculum planning process we then began.  In order to maximise the experience and wealth of ideas of all of our teaching staff, the planning of our new scheme of work was a collaborative process, which involved sharing, refining and then finalising our ideas.  We also worked with colleagues from other schools in our Local Cluster Group to share our approaches and the expertise of our staff at Kings Avenue, who took a lead in this process.

The result is something we are very proud of.  We are certain that the curriculum we have devised will offer breadth and balance of coverage to our pupils, whilst also being completely bespoke to the needs of our school.  As it is implemented, we will evaluate its impact rigorously, and we will continue to seek out opportunities to enhance and embellish it.  This is a time of great change in schools, but change brings opportunity.  At Kings Avenue, it is an exciting time for staff, pupils, and parents alike, as we bring our plans to life in each and every classroom around the school.  We hope you will visit us to join us in this exciting journey.

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