School Meals

Kings Avenue is fortunate to have Nourish Catering who prepares our meals freshly each day; we offer three choices of main course (one vegetarian) and an exciting choice of vegetables and salads. We encourage children to have a hot school lunch. The food is prepared on site daily with at least 90% fresh ingredients.

The current cost of dinners is £2.50 per day (£12.50 per week). Payments must be made in advance at the beginning of the week or half term, or if you prefer every Monday. Payments can be made using ParentPay. Please ask for details in the School Office or by emailing Unfortunately, credit is not offered by the school and arrears are not allowed to build up.

Every half term, on the first day, Families are asked to choose school meals in advance for the half term. Changes from one to the other create ordering problems for the kitchen, so children have been advised that changes can only be made half-termly.
If, however for some unforeseeable circumstance, your child has to change his or her dinner arrangements, this must be done by calling the school office, otherwise payment must be made for the dinners, as the school will be ordering the meals and therefore be charged for them.

Parents will be contacted for non-payment of school dinners and arrears. If payment for school meals taken has not been received, you will be asked to provide your child with a packed lunch until full payment has been received.

If you think you are entitled, please download and complete the free dinner application form and bring it to the school office as soon as possible. Together with proof of your entitlement. We will be able to check whether you are entitled.

Currently all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 receive a free school meal regardless of their family circumstances.

To see a copy of the school menu please see below. Please note that the menu runs on a three week cycle.
If your child has a special diet, allergy or diet restriction we do our best to cater for their needs; please make sure you inform the school office so that our caterers can work with you to develop a menu plan for your child. Where needed the children wear a small lanyard to ensure that they are served the correct meal and all staff know their dietary needs. The catering staff are friendly and get to know the children’s names and dietary needs quickly so the service has a family feel to it.


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