Extended Day

Breakfast Clubs

Our Breakfast Clubs prepare children’s minds and bodies for a busy school day! A healthy, nutritious breakfast keeps them energised throughout the morning, while our focus on an active start stimulates brain activity and concentration so children get the most out of their day.

After School Clubs

Our After-School Clubs offer fun, happy, safe places for children to play freely and across age groups, as well as taking part in structured activities such as arts & crafts and active play. Providing an energising end to the school day, children can join in with group activities, tuck into a healthy snack or chill out with toys and games that are all set up ready for them to enjoy.

Terms & Conditions of Breakfast Club & After School Club

1. Breakfast Club begins at 7.30am and no children will be admitted before this time.
2. Children should be brought to the main gate for Breakfast Club and registered in by the staff member who will walk them to the hall area.
3. Afterschool Club begins at 3.15pm to 6.00pm.
4. Children must be collected from the After School Club by 6:00pm. A late collection penalty of £30 will be applied from after 6:00pm – no exceptions!
5. Sessions must be booked in advance and fees must be paid via parent pay, in full, in advance of any sessions.
6. No money will be accepted by the school office.
7. Refunds will not be given for any missed sessions, including if your child is sent home from school sick. Refunds will also not be given if booked in error. If the school cancel the club a credit will be added to your account.
8. Usual school standards of behaviour will be expected, children who fail to abide by our school rules will receive sanctions in line with our behaviour policy for After School Clubs. Refunds will not be given should a child be banned for behaviour. In extreme circumstances, the emergency contact will be telephoned and immediate collection of the pupil will be expected.

For further information please contact the school office on 020 7622 1208 or Ms Bachou if it is after 3.30pm regarding Breakfast Club or Afterschool Club on 07706 075942



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