As one of the core subjects of the National Curriculum, Science is a highly valued subject at Kings Avenue School. The scheme of work is written with the needs and interests of our children at its center, and ensures that they gain a solid base of subject knowledge and understanding, whilst also learning the skills and disciplines required to become successful scientists. At Kings Avenue, we strive to contextualise the children’s learning in Science, so that they are encouraged to understand and relate what they are learning in class to their real lives in order to give them a better understanding of the world.

At our school, scientific enquiry, creative thinking and exploration are the values at the heart of our curriculum. We aim to encourage the natural curiosity that children have about themselves and their surroundings. Children are given the opportunity to develop their own questions and to consider ways of finding out answers, developing problem solving skills, taking ownership of their own learning and eventually acquiring a better understanding of scientific concepts. Wherever possible, we aim for our children to acquire their subject knowledge through enquiry and practical learning as there are many opportunities for them to develop their skills of working scientifically.

Science is taught weekly throughout the school through a variety of topics according to the objectives laid out in the National Curriculum. Lesson activities include, amongst other things, practical investigations, observations, exploring the outdoor environment, recording and analysing results and the use of role play and drama to explore concepts. Science is also promoted though an annual Science Week, a range of Science trips, visitors and workshops. Through all of this, we aim to equip children with the scientific knowledge required to understand the uses and implications of Science for both today and for the future.

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On Tuesday, 22 January 2019, children at Kings Avenue School were treated to a Science Show entitled ‘Explosive Foods’ presented by Natasha from the Royal Institute. They were fascinated to watch Burning Jelly Babies, Flour Fireball, Exploding flour demonstrations. They also participated in Cinnamon and Paper Tasting and Mentos and Coke demonstrations. Using a torch, a bread shaped like a person was burnt and many more science activities. Some children wrote about their experiences and what they learnt.
Parents attended the afternoon session with their children where they had an opportunity to watch Electrocuting a Gherkin, Floating Water Trick, Phone book Tug of war, Exploding Flour Tin, Carbon Arc Lamp, Alka Selzer Rockets, Plasma Ball with Florescent, Large Electromagnet, Electrolysis with Water and Van da Graaf Generator with Pie Dishes.
It was a successful science day enjoyed by all.

Have a look at some of the pictures from this incredible day.

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